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Stationary Bikes

Advantage Fitness Warehouse has 3 types of stationary bikes for rent. Bicycling is a low impact exercise that is very useful for rehabilitation from knee or hip surgery or accident recovery. Recumbent Bikes provide a good workout for people at all levels of fitness and are particularly good for anyone with knee issues. Very comfortable seating make them a good choice for those that like cycling but want support both under themselves and for their back. When hip issues or just the enjoyment of upright cycling is required then the upright bikes are excellent choices. Spinner Bikes give the feeling of out door cycling without weather or darkness issues. Cycling strengthens the heart, lowers blood pressure, and burns extra fat. All bikes have adjustable seating for comfort and ease of use. Rentals are available from $49 per month.

Rates from $49 per month to $99 per month plus all applicable taxes. Rate is determined by length of rental term and quality of bike selected. We have bikes that provide a stable, sure exercise platform and are available for users up to 350 lb.

All rental stationary bikes are available for sale.


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