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Fitness Equipment Rentals and Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Why rent exercise equipment?

  • Make sure you're investing in the right equipment for you. Try before you buy.
  • Smaller amount of money spent.
  • Allows you the use of better equipment than you might be able to purchase.
  • An excellent idea for those requiring physiotherapy or rehabilitation.

Where Does Advantage Fitness Warehouse deliver to and what is the charge? Charges are for delivery AND pickup per rental

  • Burnaby $130
  • Coquitlam $120
  • Delta $160
  • Ladner $160
  • Langley $150
  • New Westminster $130
  • Maple Ridge $120
  • North Vancouver $150
  • Pitt Meadows $110
  • Port Coquitlam $110
  • Port Moody $120
  • Richmond $150
  • South Surrey/White Rock $160
  • Surrey $150
  • Tsawwassen $160
  • Vancouver $150
  • West Vancouver $150

How does the rental credit program work?

  • We credit two months of rent towards the purchase price of the equipment. Meaning you can try the machine for two months without losing any money if you decide to purchase it.
  • The charge for pickup of the equipment is also credited towards the purchase price.

What are the benefits of regular exercise?

  • Lowers & controls weight
  • Strengthens heart and helps prevent heart attacks and lowers blood pressure
  • Improves lung capacity
  • Strengthens bones
  • Increases metabolic rate

What are the benefits of working out at home?

  • Work out whenever you want to!
  • Eliminate drive time to and from the gym.
  • Work out comfortably in the safety and privacy of your home.
  • Your workouts are not weather or daylight dependant.
  • Combine your workout with other activities such as watching television or reading.

Why is it harder for women to lose weight than it is for men?

  • Women naturally have more body fat than men. Fat is metabolically less active than muscle.
  • Eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables & whole grains that are high in fibre, and including an exercise routine into your lifestyle that includes both cardiovascular activity as well as strength training is key to shedding fat and pounds.

How can I stay motivated with my exercise program?

  • SET GOALS - Set short term goals for a week, month or even for each day. Write them down to make adjustments as you go. Remember goals must be realistic, measurable and attainable. Eg. "I will lose 1 pound a week for 4 weeks"
  • BE REALISTIC - Always start at a moderate intensity and duration. Start slowly, warm up then gain speed gradually for 15 to 30 minutes then spend some time cooling down and finish with gentle stretching. If you can't carry on a conversation while you exercise you are probably working too hard.
  • MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS - Even if it's only a piece of paper, log your workout duration and even comments on how you feel. The heart rate monitor on most cardio machines will let you track exercise intensity and most machines will let you know total calories used. You can check your progress daily or weekly in those 2 areas.
  • ADD VARIETY - Change the time when you work out, use the programs on cardio machines or change the goal from week to week. Remember if it's boring you won't want to do it.
  • GET HELP - A friend or relative with similar interests and goals and level of fitness can help you and visa versa in staying motivated.
  • REWARD YOURSELF - After a week of hard work and commitment, treat yourself to a meal out, a new piece of wardrobe or that CD that you wanted. Rewards don't need to be expensive, but every time you think about the reward, you will be motivated to be successful again.
  • ADD STRENGTH TRAINING - Cardio exercises with a treadmill, elliptical trainer, stationary bike or rower are very good, but a few strength, balance and stretching exercises will make your routines less dull and help to tone the muscles. Use a stretch cord, exercise ball or a few free weights to get it done.