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Fitness Equipment Rentals and Sales

Rental Credit

How does the rental credit program work?

  • We credit two months of rent towards the purchase price of the equipment. Meaning you can try the machine for 2 months without losing any money if you decide to purchase it.
  • The charge for pickup of the equipment is also credited towards the purchase price.
  • If you rent long-term either you get two months credit or 20% of the total rent towards the purchase price which ever is greater.
  • Basically if you choose to buy the equipment in the first 2 months of use your rental is free.
  • No hidden fees and no deposit required

Rental Credit Example

  • If you rented an Elliptical trainer with a price of $899 for 6 months to Coquitlam at $69.00 per month
  • Your first 2 months of rent $138 plus pickup fee for end of rental ($35) equals a rental credit of $173
  • Purchase price for the machine would be the unit price of $899 minus the rental credit of $173 for a sale price of $726